I wrote a 216-page book called “Leader’s Corner-The Learning Guide To Leadership” having 11 (GRP’S) Golden Rules & Principles for Growth and Success, know exactly how to reach the pinnacle.

Inside of this book, I'm going to share with you...

Ready to unlock the growth potential within you to grow professionally &
reach a top leadership position using the 11 (Golden Rules & Principles)GRP’S ?

GRP #1: Leader In Making  Learn to lead by knowing the Informal way to leadership. Know about Important constituents, qualities & various styles of leadership, Know the intricacies & choose your style.

GRP #2: Problems & Challenges  Here you will learn to know the core real time problems and challenges of leaders and how to win & overcome them convincingly. Special spotting skills, to identify incompetent leaders in your professional surrounding. Winning and combating present day Technological Challenges.

GRP #3: Activities & Paths How to activate the spark of a true leader in self. Here you will know the real path to leadership and mastery. What preparation you need to be on the path of leadership and professional success.

GRP #4: Discipline & Consistency  Life changing Self-Discipline Leadership Program. Know about the habit patterns and how to change and win over habits. How consistency can transform you into a big personality.

GRP #5: Emotions Know everything about emotions of a leader, how to control, is it good or bad to show emotions, how it impact work and people. Know how to align people and work with you being top of it. know if you want to be a Hard working or a Smart working person and how you can transform knowing into multi fold growth patterns.

GRP #6: Adaptability & Change Perhaps one of the most important rule of the book, Adaptability & Change, is what allows for an entrepreneur to be successful and to actually enjoy success  and make the right choices on a daily basis. Get to have a competitive edge and always be on the winning stream.

GRP #7: Integrity & Stability  Principle here will set you on such a path, that it will make you reach the top and make Stability & Integrity, the basic cornerstone of your life.

GRP #8: Critics & Negative Thinker  More growth has been stalled by anyone else in this world than made to oneself. Learn the unique core of critics, negative thought & destructive criticism, and convert yourself to a person of different stature and pedigree. Patterns and ways learned here will change your outlook and life.

GRP #9: Time Management  Know the time killers of your life, this immense and unique insight will make new inroads and avenues for your professional and family life.

GRP #10: Vision, Courage & Relations Leadership Vison Process: Create-Develop-Communicate-Involve, This program developed by Kam has been used by thousands and have individuals into next level positions. Courage and relations you learn here will change you forever. transformed

GRP #11: Goals & Ambitions Here you will know about the ambitions and goals. How knowing them structurally with a method can make you a big professional sensation across the world.


Krishna N Basudeavn

Krishna N Basudeavn Co-founder, Start-up Mentor, IT and Telcom Consultant Xonier Technologies

Great leader have their own secret sauce for becoming a successful leader, Leader’s Corner gives the golden rules on how to create own ‘secret sauce‘ to be one. The book is a must read for every individual who wants to transform his or her life into a professional success. This is a thought provoking book which will help build essential quality of a leader within you.

Parim Somani

President of Shantidoot Parivar, UK women’s wing Global Peace Ambassador for England and Editorial Chairperson

‘Leader’s Corner – The Learning Guide to Leadership’ by Kam is a wonderful integration of fictional and factional literature, having charisma to resonate with aspiring leaders of all ages. Eleven chapters in this wonderful book covers all the important constituents related to the term leadership, it’s a living guide for leaders and professionals to flourish.

DR. Sanjeev Bansal

Dean – Faculty of Management Studies Director & Head, Amity Business School Professor, Decision Sciences

Leader’s Corner is truly a reflection to understand leadership in an experiential way for suggested invaluable techniques and principles. It builds a strong foundation about understanding, developing and mastering leadership. Masterpiece like this will serve as a ready reckoner to gain best results at each step of your life.

Rohit Manglik


LEADER'S CORNER is a unique, haven't come across any such book quite yet, which gives you both an intrigue of a novel and a magnificent way to live a fulfilling life. It shows how your internal self gives you the direction in life; in the book, the character learns essential lessons from his previous births and comes out of the current circumstances winning. It is a must-read for everyone who wants to become a growing leader. It is a ready reckoner for entrepreneurs and top-level professionals, and a learning marvel for management students and upcoming talent.

Sandeep Solanki

CEO Orange Group.

For leaders who wants to become more effective, strategic, operationally focused and balanced and aspiring to take control of their professional destiny and become the best, it’s a perfect read for them.

Balendu Shekhar

Advocate, Supreme Court of India

I started reading the book in a very casual mood, however page after page, the book kept enhancing its own attraction and glued me till it was concluded. It’s a powerful read. I recommend this book to every youth, leader, entrepreneur and social person who wants name, fame & success. If you are not reading this you are missing something.

Sudhir Gupta

Head Of Operations Edulink International College, Nairobi

Leadership is a skill, which is learnable-Truly said by the author, superb book, just wow! Being a management person I found this immensely useful. Techniques mentioned are just amazing for the business centric mindset learning. This books gives essentials to have in today's competitive world to live fully and enjoying the dreams.

Rocky Smith

Head, MindBox India

An outstanding book on leadership. It’s a book about Intelligent Leadership, which equips you with the knowledge, skills, passion and emotions one need to be a genuine leader. This book will teach you the power of character, values, self-discipline and time management differently. Just WOW.

Nitin Srivastava

DGM Marketing- Higher Education

Highly useful & implementable book, This is very well written business book and can be taken amongst the top 100 books in the business & leadership all time classics. It’s a winning cut for professionals.

Amit Mukherjee

Founder, SSS Solution online

You’ll discover a way to lead your teams that is profoundly human and result- oriented at the same time. Leader’s Corner is a modern classic that redefines what it means to be a true leader.

Satish Batra

Senior Consultant – Infra Clinic

Simplifying Leadership, A captivating story with lots of practical stuff to learn and implement. Leader’s Corner can be a real leadership companion in this cut throat world.

Kumar Dutta

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at DC & Associates

Going to stay with you for long time. I found this book among those rare books which really delivers on its promise. Hooked right from prologue to epilogue, thought provoking, highly recommended.

Vasanth Kumar,

Best Selling Author

This is a great book, on every single page I found myself taking away at least 2 good ideas. I mean it’s amazing, this book you would refer every now and then for the magnitude of quality content and learning it provides.

Anushri Bhattacharjee

NLP Wellness & Life Coach

eing a NLP expert I can say that this is one book, that will have a remarkable impact on the mind of the reader. The learnings from the perspective of understanding of business and relations are numerous at each incidence of the running story in the book. Intriguing Read

Our Review

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business owner

Enlightening perspectives on the dimensions of leadership

This books throws light on different dimensions of leadership.The overall focus is about preparing for future change. It looks at how we develop motivation, resilience, and leadership skills. The story and all its characters shows these characteristics at different points of their lives which makes it more interesting. I would recommend the book to anyone interested to develop this trait within and in their kids.


Fantastic Read!

The lessons learned allowed me to quiet the voice in my head, and instill new level of confidence in me , read this book recently as I m going to start a new role soon. Very happy to find this book at this point of my career.

Vinay Kumar Jain

Varun Bansal


Not to be missed, if you want to succeed in life!

It helps one to become infinitely more effective, influential, powerful, and successful being. Provides the way to set leadership development goals and create specific, targeted strategies for strengthening your unique strengths and gifts. Guides you to harness the power of character and value.


Perfect philosophy for leadership and success

LEADER'S CORNER is a comprehensive book on leadership that lays down specific principles one can apply diligently and consistently to excel as a leader. This book shares the accumulated wisdom on the subject with a parallel beautiful fable of relations, emotions, loyality and leadership. This book believes in the fundamental idea that ‘leadership develops daily, not in a day.’ Herein lies a complete philosophy of leadership which is simple yet highly effective, but rarely ever spelled out with such clarity. A recommended read for leaders and managers who face new challenges every day and are looking for a fresh perspective on leadership.


Shail Verma


Food for Thought!

This book leaves you with a lot of food for thought and makes you think about the way you are leading in life. As you read each chapter, consider what it means to you, and discover ways, which you can apply to your own sphere of situations. This is a book which should be read through first to get a general gist of the principle. Then read it chapter by chapter taking note of the advice which is useful to you. It is apparent that the author knows this topic well. Whatever type of business you are in you will find something in here to assist you. Would definitely recommend.


An unconventional book on leadership

It's an unorthodox book on leadership with some unconventional advice for leaders and managers on how to enhance their overall management and performance.The author strongly advocates the idea that leader's should lead from the front, need to experiment more, support and develop their people around them.It's been said too often that a leader needs to act and think like a leader but interpretation can differ and this author offers an interesting take on how to follow this dictum. This book stands out for the kind of practical advice and techniques provided, to be recognized for your dynamic approach as a leader or in a position where you are entrusted with the management of people and resources.


This book is going to give you the clarity and understanding you need.

Is overwhelmed with being able to reach top leadership positions: Because let’s be honest, it’s not exactly “easy” reaching top position, even more so if it’s your first time doing so.
Leader’s Corner book equips you with the understanding of how to create clarity and simplicity inside of your thoughts. This allows you to create a mindset that is in alignment and in flow with how you want to live your life. You control your mind, and your mind controls your position.

Understands the power of GRP’S: And while it takes you to implement and execute, this is for the person who is really ready not to just talk about growth , but to actually use the principles and take action to lead and grow.

Dreams to jumpstart: You realize as a smart individual that you don’t have to figure it all out yourself and that those who’ve done it before it (might know a couple things that you don’t).
Doesn’t have a clear path for growth: Instead of feeling overwhelmed and not sure exactly for being able to grow your life at the rate and rhythm you want, this book helps you understand how to build a strategy for consistent growth that actually works (and that has worked for so many other professionals before you). 
Doesn’t want to use hustle and lead an average mediocre life anymore: By reading this book, I’m going to help you get out of the “hustle” and willpower and instead elevate into intellectual and intuitive consciousness ensuring a leadership position that can be built following the GRP’S.

Feels like they are at a dead end in their life:  After reading this book you’re going to feel motivated and likely that there is a sense of fresh air in your life as you’ll see a new path with a clear vision.


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KAM JGUP is an author of Indian descent. He ideologies his quote, “People are for people, and it should always be like that.” He is a firm believer in hope and the existence of bliss. He has been at multiple senior leadership positions across an illustrious 20-year career. He has exposure to numerous situations, people, and businesses. He is a leadership coach and a certified counselling practitioner, always available to help create harmony in the world.