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“Amazing Things Happen Here” for the world, it may be a tagline, but here at learningbookseries.com, for our team, it’s a pledge taken for which we work hard with all will, grit, and determination to ensure that “amazing things happen” to our readers.

We keep it simple for our readers!   Learning, Fun & Entertainment

Our Motto!

Work hard to keep it simple for readers!

Learning Book Series

Learningbookseries.com, backed by authors and professionals’ rich experience, is one of the select websites to look at the reader’s need to read from an all-encompassing perspective and yield the best heart and brain responses to their intellectual and entertainment necessities and purposes. 

Our efficient and structured workflow ingests understanding and ascertainment of our reader community’s learning and fun requirements. It connects it with the successful fulfillment of the right collection and array of books across the globe.

Our qualitative and process-oriented approach towards both in-question readers and author helps connect and meet the best suitable authors and readers, depending on their genre and requirements.

With an ever-changing world and evolving market scenarios, we ensure the best of continuing and lasting solutions and services to our readers and authors worldwide.

Right from learning to fun books, we provide the best of the collections of new and famous authors for the reader’s soul fulfillment on a click of a button. We provide satisfaction and enrichment to the best of the hearts and brains with more desire to invigorate further into reading.

learningbookseries.com, under the aegis of GARBAGEEMERALD (GEM) PRIVATE LIMITED, with its strategic, agile to the mark services, is poised to take readers to newer places and greater heights in the world of reading.

learningbookseries.com has among its reader’s broad global audience involved in various initiatives for readers capacity building in partnership with multiple reading groups and book clubs.